Templeton Fund Tidal Wave of Theistic Evolution

The Templeton Foundation have financed the major promotion of theistic evolution that we have seen in recent months. In this Darwin double anniversary year, Theos working in partnership with the Faraday Institute have been campaigning to have Darwin recognised as a brilliant scientist who has unfortunately got caught in the crossfire of a philosophical debate. Theos, a public policy think tank, obviously felt that this was the most pressing issue to address in order to get the Bible considered in the public square and Templeton were happy to provide a generous grant to make it happen.

What they have done is demand that the theology that underpins theistic evolution be thoroughly examined and we commend the book Should Christians Embrace Evolution? as an excellent aid to that process. They have also drawn attention to the scientific claims that support the evolutionary paradigm. Examining the empirical evidence will be enlightening for many. Leading scientists currently researching in the fields of genetics, biology, chemistry and thermodynamics have contributed to this book and we are sure that you will find their views most illuminating.


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Book Price: £9.99
Paperback 192 pages
ISBN 9781844744060
Published 20/11/2009

Edited by
Norman C. Nevin
Foreword by
Wayne Grudem

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