Alexander Brands ID Unchristian

Denis Alexander has used the Guardian newspaper to brand Intelligent Design as unchristian. He asserts that it promotes a non-christian understanding of God as creator. This is a strange view as Intelligent Design has nothing to do with promoting any concept of deity. However, if Alexander is concerned that a theory of origins can convey a wrong concept of God he should be very very worried about evolution. Dawkins, Dennett and others are fully persuaded that it demands the rejection of an immanent God and theistic evolution demands a deity who deliberately used death, agony and extinction as the primary means for developing life.

Alexander commends the hard work of peer review so he should be impressed with the credentials of our editor, Norman C Nevin OBE who has over 300 peer reviewed articles to his name. Unfortunately, Norman Nevin was not impressed with either the theology or the science that Alexander put forward to persuade Christians to embrace evolution. Should Christians Embrace Evolution? is written as a direct challenge to Alexander's campaign. We urge you to read the book and consider the issues seriously. To read Alexander's article and comments on it go here.


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