The Statistics are Staggering

63% of people in the UK do not believe that the theory of evolution is "beyond reasonable doubt." This figure comes from a ComRes survey commissioned by Theos  in 2009  as part of their Rescuing Darwin project. The figures coincide remarkably with a Gallup poll published in the United States in February this year. It found that only 39% of Americans "believe in the theory of evolution." In spite of the significant cultural and religious differences in the two countries only 37% of people in the UK are wholly persuaded compared to 39% in the USA. One is forced to ask why 150 years after Darwin's primary publication the crowds remain firmly unconvinced? Especially when we are repeatedly informed that the science is beyond question.

To quote Spencer and Alexander, "In 2009, the evidence for evolution by natural selection is overwhelming, although of course the theory itself continues to evolve as new data comes to light. The fossil record, although incomplete, firmly supports the theory, revealing impressive series of transitional forms. More recently, advances in genetics have hugely strengthened evolution, to the extent that, in scientific circles at least, it is now incontestable." (emphasis added) Perhaps part of the problem is such boldly overstated claims. Norman Nevin (editor of Should Christians Embrace Evolution? is a geneticist of the highest calibre and he does not agree with the above claim. The scientists who contributed to our book all contest the claims that are made as do many other scientists - just look at the endorsements on this website.

When the majority of the population in the UK and the USA are unconvinced that evolution is true we would caution you to consider the issues very carefully before adopting a superficial theology that seems somehow compatible with an uncertain theory.


IVP Publish Astonishing Book

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On the 150th Anniversary of Darwin's Origin IVP have published a book challenging the scientific accuracy and theological credibility of theistic evolution. The book is unique because of the diversity of its contributing authors who represent a very broad spectrum of denominational backgrounds. It is unique too for the level of scientific and theological scholarship that it combines and the fact that these contributors do not come from one special interest group or association. Though they may disagree on many things they are clearly united by two specific convictions. They all have a high view of science and they are all diametrically opposed to theistic evolution. 

The book is edited by one of the UK's leading geneticists, Professor Norman Nevin OBE, who has over 300 peer-reviewed articles to his name. The book was written in response to the tidal wave of theistic evolutionary propaganda that has threatened to swamp the christian community during the past 18 months. A very deliberate campaign has been waged to persuade people that Darwinian evolution is compatible with Christian faith. This volume seeks to expose the error of that position and this website offers anyone interested the opportunity to ask further questions and to join the debate.


Propaganda War Targets Christians

A propaganda war has set it sights firmly on shaping the thinking of the christian community.    Denis Alexander of the Faraday Institute and Nick Spencer of Theos have combined together in a project entitled Rescuing Darwin. They cite the fact that 63% of people in the UK do not believe that the theory of evolution is beyond reasonable doubt and they are persuaded that this scepticism is driven by the idea that the theory of evolution is seen by many as (anti-) theological not as scientific. They want to divorce the theory from any of its social consequences and to assert its scientific credentials. However, in order to do this they need to persuade any committed christians that evolution is wholly compatible with Christian faith.

The consequence is that Spencer and Alexander have been using the Christian media to get you on board with their message. Christianity, IDEA, Thirdway and TransMission have all carried the message. The Bible Society decided to deliver 20,000 of their books free to church leaders in England and Wales. In addition to the deforestation caused by the numerous Theos publications in this project they also commissioned a play and Spencer and Alexander authored their own separate books to help to convince you they are right.

We, however, believe that they are wrong. We do not question the motivation of a man who has been dead for 127 years but we believe that there are massive theological and scientific challenges to theistic evolution. Should Christians Embrace Evolution is written to present an alternative argument and to engage you in this propaganda war.


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