Wayne Grudem's Foreword


This is a highly significant book because it persuasively argues that Christians cannot accept modern evolutionary theory without also compromising essential teachings of the Bible.

It may at first seem easy to say ‘God simply used evolution to bring about the results he desired’, as some are proposing today. That view is called ‘theistic evolution’. However, the contributors to this volume, both scientists and biblical scholars, show that adopting theistic evolution leads to many positions contrary to the teaching of the Bible, such as these: (1) Adam and Eve were not the first human beings, but they were just two Neolithic farmers among about ten million other human beings on earth at that time, and God just chose to reveal himself to them in a personal way. (2) Those other human beings had already been seeking to worship and serve God or gods in their own ways. (3) Adam was not specially formed by God of ‘dust from the ground’ (Gen. 2:7) but had two human parents. (4) Eve was not directly made by God out of a ‘rib that the Lord God had taken from the man’ (Gen. 2:22), but she also had two human parents. (5) Many human beings both then and now are not descended from Adam and Eve. (6) Adam and Eve’s sin was not the first sin. (7) Human physical death had occurred for thousands of years before Adam and Eve’s sin – it was part of the way living things had always existed. (8) God did not impose any alteration in the natural world when he cursed the ground because of Adam’s sin.


The Preface


"...the special nature that Christian theology ascribes to humanity is in direct contradiction to a Darwinian understanding that makes no distinction between any organisms, each one being necessarily best adapted for their particular environment. The second obstacle is reconciling the concept of a benevolent God with one who purposefully chooses to use suffering and death as the means of evolving life. These are not inconsequential questions and any Christian who embraces evolution must be able to posit intelligent answers if their position is to be considered credible."


Evolution and the Church


"....it is asserted that there is no contradiction between Christian faith and Darwinism. In order to consider this claim carefully we need to identify the implications for the Church of embracing evolutionary theory. There are obviously many who believe that evolution is the mechanism that God used to create the variety of life on this planet. However, for those who are serious about the supremacy of Scripture, it is essential that any apparent theological tensions that arise from this are rigorously reviewed. It would be premature to say the least to commit to a scientific position without having a clearly worked out theology that accords with it, particularly when so much of the scientific evidence does not necessitate a Darwinian explanation."


The Language of Genesis


"Despite the common tendency to read Genesis as derived from Babylonian myths or epics, scholarship has now solidly rejected this position. Firstly, if Moses is accepted as the author (somewhere between the 15th–13th century, depending upon your dating method), then it simply makes no sense to read Genesis as a polemic against Babylon, because Babylon only came to prominence as an empire after the 9th century BC.  It is worth reemphasizing that Moses was writing in an Egyptian (or at least, wilderness) context, as mentioned earlier, and not a Babylonian one.  He was therefore hardly likely to write a polemic against a nation that posed no political or theological threat. Secondly, the linguistic evidence has conclusively shown that Genesis does not reveal any demythologizing."


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Book Price: £9.99
Paperback 192 pages
ISBN 9781844744060
Published 20/11/2009

Edited by
Norman C. Nevin
Foreword by
Wayne Grudem

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