Adam and Eve


"Evangelical Christians have generally resisted the demythologisation of the events of the gospels, whereby, for example, the resurrection of Jesus is interpreted as a mythical portrayal of the principle of new life. Indeed, they have argued strongly that it is the very historicity of the resurrection event that is so vital. However, when it comes to the biblical figures of Adam and Eve, there has been a far greater willingness to interpret them as mythical or symbolic. The simple aim of this chapter is to show, in sketch, that, far from being a peripheral matter for fussy literalists, it is biblically and theologically necessary for Christians to believe in Adam as i) a historical person who ii) fathered the entire human race."


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Book Price: £9.99
Paperback 192 pages
ISBN 9781844744060
Published 20/11/2009

Edited by
Norman C. Nevin
Foreword by
Wayne Grudem

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