Chapter Eight


"But what Galileo would find especially strange about Protestant theistic evolutionists like Denis Alexander and Francis Collins is that while they do not accept papal authority – which at least has a biblical basis in Peter’s apostolic primacy – they confer Vatican-like authority on scientific institutions that have no biblical basis whatsoever."

"The main strategy used by theistic evolutionists to undermine intelligent design’s credibility is to present contemporary biological science as a unified front – aka the modern evolutionary synthesis – and ID supporters as a fringe movement of well-intentioned but scientifically illiterate evangelical Christians who, were they to prevail, would reverse the direction of scientific progress, returning humanity to the Dark Ages. Closer to the truth is the exact opposite."


#50 Chapter EightEmmanuel 2017-02-23 14:44
Among political and religious dignitaries, Boston-area Irish immigrant workers marched in the parade to indicate their unhappiness with their low socio-economic status.

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#48 How Break down into ObamaCare Harm Me?jev11b 2017-02-20 22:35
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