The Fossil Record


"One hundred and fifty years on since the publication of On the Origin of Species, the fossil record does not support the theory of evolution. David Raup of the Natural History Museum, Chicago, summarizes the current understanding: ‘Most people assume that fossils provide important [evidence] in favour of the Darwinian interpretation of the history of life. Unfortunately this is not strictly true. Rather than gradual unfolding of life. . . species appear in the sequence very suddenly, show little or no change during their existence in the record, then abruptly [disappear].’ "

"These [Encode] results have implications for evolutionary theory. The non-protein coding DNA was described by the now redundant term ‘junk’ DNA. It would now be incorrect to suggest that ‘fossil genes’ represent evidence of evolutionary history. Publications describing biological roles for the non-protein coding DNA are appearing regularly in scientific literature."


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