Chromosomal Fusion


"What is certain, however, is that major chromosomal variations that clearly exist between the human and chimpanzee, such as those that have been well-documented in the academic literature and in this chapter, actually dictate against the thesis that these species have common ancestry."


Information and Thermodynamics


"Information is closely related to the discipline of thermodynamics. Alexander’s sweeping statements on pp. 138-139 of his book that the biological machinery of life could arise by natural selection operating on mutations shows that he has not grasped the fundamental nature of these laws.


The experimental findings of science are that natural selection has no power to create new functional structures. Natural selection, as the name suggests, acts on devices which are already inherently in a system; there is no possibility of producing new systems or obtaining new information for such systems. In summary, natural selection does not increase information and does not build new machines (either as sub-machines or in embryonic form)."


The Genome and Common Descent


"To suggest that there is overwhelming evidence in support of the claim that humans and chimpanzees have common ancestry is, at best, an overstatement. We have dealt with the issue of pseudogenes using all the examples presented by Alexander in support of his arguments. We have presented counter-arguments that recent research clearly demonstrates that pseudogenes may have very important although, as yet, poorly understood functions. We also have considered the significance of mobile genomic elements such as Alu sequences and human endogenous retroviruses (HERVs). If the infectious origin of HERVs is substantiated, then one can only infer common ancestry if one assumes common ancestry in the first place; and HERVs may be an integral part of the genome"


Origin of Life


"It is virtually certain, therefore, that life did not originate by random chemical reactions in a prebiotic soup. Actually, this conclusion is not controversial. All reputable scientists who have studied the problem, whatever their ideology, concur with this view. It is a pity that popular texts on the origin of life make no mention of these odds.Regrettably, popular books and media productions continue to confidently assert that ‘life started by chance chemical processes in a prebiotic soup."


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