Adam and Eve


"Evangelical Christians have generally resisted the demythologisation of the events of the gospels, whereby, for example, the resurrection of Jesus is interpreted as a mythical portrayal of the principle of new life. Indeed, they have argued strongly that it is the very historicity of the resurrection event that is so vital. However, when it comes to the biblical figures of Adam and Eve, there has been a far greater willingness to interpret them as mythical or symbolic. The simple aim of this chapter is to show, in sketch, that, far from being a peripheral matter for fussy literalists, it is biblically and theologically necessary for Christians to believe in Adam as i) a historical person who ii) fathered the entire human race."


The Fall and Death


"Christian scientists like Dr Denis Alexander , Francis S. Collins and Davis A. Young persistently defend various forms of ‘theistic evolution’ as they seek to accommodate the claims of ‘old cosmos’ evolutionism within a biblical framework. Their atheistic colleagues deny the very existence of an infinite, personal creator God. But in spite of their differences, they are all in agreement concerning their assumptions that death, disease, birth defects, struggle, suffering, inordinate pain, carnivorous violence, bloodshed and destructive ecological disasters of every kind, were all prevalent on earth from its earliest beginnings. This is simply the way things are, have always been, and will continue to be. This is nature being true to itself and perhaps the way God designed the world, if God exists at all. However, the NT endorses the accuracy of Genesis directly and indirectly over 200 times, and cites Genesis 1 – 11  107 times."


Creation, Redemption and Eschatology


"We have furthermore seen that theistic evolution, when it turns its attention to matters of redemption and the new creation, is a comprehensively Gnostic scheme. It is based on an anti-biblical dualism which is rejected by Scripture from the first verse onwards. Alexander’s Creation or Evolution sharply and consistently separates the ‘book of nature’ from the ‘book of Scripture’, theology from history, fact from idea, spiritual from physical. This in turn leads to the separation of Christ from Adam, redemption from creation, the new order from the old, resurrection from death, and ultimately renders the gospel’s claims about the coming and work of Christ incoherent."


Nature and Character of God


"There are a number of questions that arise out of the science-faith dialogue that relate to origins, especially when some theistic leaders within science strongly advocate what many believe to be a rather extreme view that denies the miraculous in creation, demands acceptance of theistic evolution, and insists that science must be done within methodological naturalism. This dualistic approach gives priority and independence to science, and in effect elevates science into the religion of scientism. It calls into question the power and nature of God and allows secular forces to shape the way Scripture is interpreted. This approach weakens Christian faith, and encourages a deistic view of God. Neither is this approach consistent with  Christianity’s mission in the world."


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Wayne Grudem

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