Faith and Creation


"One cannot help but notice that over one-half of the contents of Hebrews 11 is devoted to the book of Genesis. We can therefore see by this alone how relevant this chapter of the Epistle to the Hebrews is at the present time. The attack upon Christianity in our day centres largely in the culmination of two anti-God movements: (1) the embellishments of Hegelian philosophy and (2) the modifications of the thought of Charles Darwin. By the embellishments of Hegel’s philosophy I refer mainly to the emergence of the Higher Criticism of the Bible and Marxism. These forces, combined with a denial of creation ex nihilo, have done more to undermine faith in the Bible than anything else has done in recent times. The modern church has largely succumbed to this trend in the twentieth century, and as a consequence it is exceedingly difficult to find a churchman or theologian today who does not believe in some form of the theory of evolution. The conspiracy against the Bible has focused mainly in an undermining of the book of Genesis."


Chapter Eight


"But what Galileo would find especially strange about Protestant theistic evolutionists like Denis Alexander and Francis Collins is that while they do not accept papal authority – which at least has a biblical basis in Peter’s apostolic primacy – they confer Vatican-like authority on scientific institutions that have no biblical basis whatsoever."

"The main strategy used by theistic evolutionists to undermine intelligent design’s credibility is to present contemporary biological science as a unified front – aka the modern evolutionary synthesis – and ID supporters as a fringe movement of well-intentioned but scientifically illiterate evangelical Christians who, were they to prevail, would reverse the direction of scientific progress, returning humanity to the Dark Ages. Closer to the truth is the exact opposite."




"Evolutionary biologists continue to uphold homology as evidence of common ancestry. However, because some organisms have similar structures doesn’t mean that the organisms had a common ancestor. For example, the structure of an octopus eye is somewhat similar to the structure of a human eye; but when structures appear homologous, they should have developed from homologous genes. The evolutionary basis of homology is even more severely damaged by the discovery of apparently homologous structures specified by quite different genes in different species."

"The facts of comparative anatomy provide no support for evolution in the way conceived by Darwin and research at the molecular level has not demonstrated a correspondence between the structure of the gene and the structural and physical homology."


The Fossil Record


"One hundred and fifty years on since the publication of On the Origin of Species, the fossil record does not support the theory of evolution. David Raup of the Natural History Museum, Chicago, summarizes the current understanding: ‘Most people assume that fossils provide important [evidence] in favour of the Darwinian interpretation of the history of life. Unfortunately this is not strictly true. Rather than gradual unfolding of life. . . species appear in the sequence very suddenly, show little or no change during their existence in the record, then abruptly [disappear].’ "

"These [Encode] results have implications for evolutionary theory. The non-protein coding DNA was described by the now redundant term ‘junk’ DNA. It would now be incorrect to suggest that ‘fossil genes’ represent evidence of evolutionary history. Publications describing biological roles for the non-protein coding DNA are appearing regularly in scientific literature."


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