Review by David Williams

Should Christians embrace evolution? That there existed a need for this book to be written is evidence enough that the answer to the question is not as obvious as some might think. At least, not until they’ve read some of this book. I say some because the only intellectually honest answer to the question will be obvious to all but the intellectually dishonest long before they get to the final chapter. By the time they finish the last page the intellectually honest will be driven to conclude that in terms of asking the blindingly obvious, this book’s title sits right up there with ‘should turkeys vote for Christmas?’


To state that Christianity is incompatible with Darwinian Evolution is not very contentious.  A long line of Atheistic Evolutionists will form at a moment’s notice, eagerly awaiting an opportunity to defend that assertion.  For them it is quite simple. They are not compatible. If one is true the other is false. If Darwinian Evolution is true, ergo Christianity is false. Whatever one might think of the conclusion, we can at least respect the honesty of the logical reasoning behind it.


Ironically, it is a craving for respect which appears to drive those who answer yes to the question and in response to whom this book was written, the so called theistic evolutionists. Petrified of losing the respect of their academic peers they are careful not to question the ruling naturalistic paradigm and thus unswervingly accept Darwinian Evolution.

The power of the book, however, does not come from the clarity with which it exposes the utter incompatibility of Christianity and Darwinian Evolution, although it does this with immense power nonetheless. The theological section of the book is thorough and easily readable, its eruditeness emphasised all the more when compared with the disingenuous and ill-informed arguments it sets out to debunk. The book goes further than this though.


The scientific section is magnificent. Following on from the theological section, it takes up the reins at a point where the reader is in no doubt about the incompatibility but is still none the wiser about whether Darwinian Evolution is true.  It then proceeds, paragraph by paragraph, to strip bare for all to see the disingenuous nature of the Darwinian arguments.


Some might think the term disingenuous to be a little strong. By the end of the scientific section I think they will consider it justified. That eminent scientists have apparently knowingly ignored relevant evidence is but one of the obvious conclusions one reaches. An alternative explanation would be that the eminent scientists didn’t know what they were talking about, which might lead one to conclude their arguments were stupid. Granted that would mean they weren’t necessarily disingenuous, so if that is the case I am happy to withdraw the allegation.


The real power of this book is that theistic evolutionists will no longer be able to continue peddling untruths and half truths without facing the real risk of their arguments being exposed as theological and scientific turkeys, the type that are apparently stupid enough to vote for Christmas!


David Williams is Head of Litigation at RWPS Law


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Book Price: £9.99
Paperback 192 pages
ISBN 9781844744060
Published 20/11/2009

Edited by
Norman C. Nevin
Foreword by
Wayne Grudem

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